What To Do After A Dog Attack

We're you doing work in your yard when a neighbor's dog came onto your property and attacked you? How are you going about treating the injuries that the dog caused? It he or she bit you during the attack, it should be taken as a serious injury. The reason why is because it is possible that the dog has a disease like rabies that could have been transferred to you. Take a look at the information in this article for guidance on what to do in the situation you are dealing with.

Get Emergency Medical Attention at a Hospital

It is not wise to attempt treating a dog bite injury on your own, even if it is small. The main reason why is because it might have caused you to get rabies, which is a serious disease that must be treated in a prompt manner. Keep in mind that you can also get the disease if you were scratched by an infected dog and his or her saliva made into the wounds. Emergency treatment is needed so you can receive a vaccination that can prevent the disease from spreading. Rabies can attack your body in numerous ways, and can eventually lead to death.

Ask the Dogs Owner to Pay Your Medical Expenses

You might not be responsible for paying the injuries that are associated with your neighbors dog attacking you. However, liability for the expenses is based on the specific laws in the state in which the attack took place. If you know that your neighbor can be held liable, ask him or her to reimburse you for the medical expenses. It is in the best interest of all parties involved for you to request the money in a cordial manner. If your neighbor refuses to pay for your medical expenses, it is then time to file a legal dispute.

File a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Your Neighbor

If you need to file a legal dispute in regards to the dog attack, hire a personal injury attorney to handle the case. The reason why is because he or she will know what your rights are when it comes to the state laws about dog bites. An attorney will also be useful for proving your case to the extent of you winning the dispute. He or she will basically gather evidence about the dogs temperament, your injuries, and the expenses that are associated with the incident. An attorney, such as from Cascade Law Corporation, can help you receive compensation for things that you may not know about , such as pain and suffering.